VSAT Consumer Packages Our home packages come in a variety of speeds and bandwidth limits to suit your needs

Tooway 12+

110LYD Per Month

Tooway 18+

185LYD Per Month

Tooway XL+

250LYD Per Month

Tooway 18 MAX+

350LYD Per Month

*Note: Tooway XL+ is only sold in the eastern region **Note: Tooway 18 Max+ is only sold in the western region

VSAT Business PackagesStandard Features: 20Mbps Download, 6Mbps Upload and a 12 month contract period.

Access Bronze+

from350LYD Per Month

Access Silver+

from460LYD Per Month

Access Gold+

from580LYD Per Month

Access Platinum+

from800LYD Per Month

Access Absolute+

from1400LYD Per Month

Access Diamond+

from1600LYD Per Month

*Note: Access Absolute is only sold in the eastern region