Why choose RLTT?

Rawafed Libya for Telecommunication and Technology is a young company with great ambition. Our aim is to be known as the fastest Internet service provider in Libya. Not only do we utilise the latest cutting edge technologies in the fields of telecommunications and information technology, we also bolster our services with the following:

  1. Speed: With heavier loading websites and an ever growing demand for rich media such as audio and video, it has become a necessity to facilitate such usage through high speed Internet services. RLTT can provide connections with download speeds reaching 20Mbps and upload speeds peaking at 6Mbps.
  2. Value: Our aim is to offer you the best value-for-price service that will give you a superior browsing experience at a competitive cost
  3. Reliability: It is not sufficient to have a quick connection only, rather more importantly is the need for connection that is both fast AND stable. Through its wireless VSAT solution, RLTT can provide internet connectivity without the need for telephone cables or local infrastructure.
  4. Customer Service: We understand that like with anything else, things can sometimes go wrong. Thus, RLTT has made it its mission to offer unmatched Customer Support Services to its customers whether it be technical problems or general enquiries. Our team can be contacted via the telephone number (021 724 6408) or by email (support@rltt.net).