Rawafed Libya for Telecommunication and Technology RLTT was established in 2012 as an Internet Service Provider with a vision to be the fastest internet ISP in Libyan Market. In 2012 the company signed exclusivity agreement with Eutelsat, one of the largest satellite operator in Europe and Middle East, to provide broadband internet services over satellite by using KA-Band for both business and residential customers in Libya.

RLTT is currently using two satellite beams; the first one is beam 79, covering the North West area of Libya, with maximum capacity of 800 MBps, the second one is beam 80, covering the North East area of Libya with another 800 MBps capacity.

In 2013 the company started to implement the first 4G LTE network in North Africa, the first phase of the implementation consists of 10,000 users served by 48 BTS in 16 sites in Tripoli. After the first phase the company is planning to install another 17 towers to reach 99 BTS. RLTT is also planning to upgrade it is network capacity to reach 100,000 in the future. RLTT 4G network has unique capability over other ISP in Libya, it is the only network who can offer internet speed up to 10Mbps/user for residential customers.